A smarter way to manage your audio samples

Samplism is a revolutionary audio file organizer that helps you quickly organize, preview and search for your audio samples.


What’s New in Samplism 1.9.3?

Introducing the Floating Waveform view

BGM: “WoW!” by Lovelyz (https://youtu.be/a1ENnG-s630)

What’s New in Samplism 1.9?

Native support for Apple Silicon Macs

Video Demo

BGM: Instrumental version of “Ah-Choo” by Lovelyz (Produced by Yoonsang)
(Original song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7qisJ_KuYI)

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Features Comparison

Samplism LiteSamplism
Maximum allowed number of samples50,000Unlimited
Library SupportOO
Folder SupportXO
Automatic Tag MatchingO O
Manual taggingX O
Supporting macOS tags XO
Variable playback tempo & pitchPlayback only* Playback
* Export
Drag and drop supportSample only* Sample
* Waveform selection
* Transient region
Import third-party library* Apple Loops
* Ableton Live
* Logic Pro X
* Apple Loops
* Ableton Live
* Splice
* Loopcloud
* Native Instruments
Files View supportXO
Audio Unit supportXO

Key Features

1. Automatic Tag Matching

Samplism features a breakthrough technology that automatically categorizes audio samples into tags. With Samplism, you don’t need to waste your time anymore on manually categorizing your audio files. Just drag and drop directories on your Mac into Samplism. All audio samples are automatically categorized into tags. It’s practically a magic.

automatic tag matching web.png

2. Search for Audio Samples using Tags and Auto Tags

Samplism provides a simple, quick and easy way to search for audio samples using tags and auto tags. By simply selecting a tag, all its corresponding samples will be shown in the Sample List. In addition, auto tags allow you to search for samples with more specific criteria.

navigation with tag.png

3. Manual Tag Matching

The automatic tag matching feature in Samplism allows you to quickly and conveniently classify audio samples into tags. But sometimes the matching results may not be accurate. With the manual tagging feature, you can classify samples more precisely.

Manual Tag Matching

4. User-Defined Tags

In addition to a rich set of built-in tags, Samplism allows you to create your own tags and group tags. With the user-defined tagging feature, you can categorize audio samples much more accurately.

User Tags

5. Organize Audio Samples with Folders

Samplism provides folders and folder groups to help you organize audio samples better. Simply select audio samples in a library and drag and drop them into a folder. It is simple, quick and easy.

folders web.png

6. Advanced Sample Player

Samplism provides a simple, easy-to-use yet powerful sample player which allows you to play an entire audio file, the waveform selection, or transient regions.


7. Files View

The Files View allows you to simply and quickly search for audio samples on a directory-basis.

8. Simplism: the Samplism mini player

Simplism is designed to use with DAWs or other audio apps together on a single monitor screen. It takes up very little space on your screen and still provides most key features of Samplism such as navigating, previewing and searching for your audio samples.


9. Export Audio Samples

With Samplism, exporting as audio files has never been easier. Simply select audio samples, the waveform selection, or transient regions. Samplism provides various export options such as file type, sample rate and bit depth. With just a click, all selected samples are automatically converted as audio files, which can be used in other DAWs.

export samples2.png

10. Import Third-Party Library (*)

Samplism provides a super easy way to import well-known third-party libraries installed on your Mac. Samplism automatically detects well-known third-party libraries, so you don’t need to worry about finding the directory location of third-party libraries. No setup is required. All you have to do is to simply import them with just one-click.

(* Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Native Instruments, Loopcloud, Splice and AKAI MPC supported)

11. Working with DAWs

Simply drag and drop audio samples, the waveform selection or transient regions into DAWs. It just works. A powerful drag and drop feature in Samplism greatly improves workflow and increase creativity. Sampling has never been easier with Samplism.

working with daws web.png

12. Working with Audio Units

Samplism supports Audio Unit effects. By selecting the Audio Unit View, Samplism scans all Audio Unit effects installed on your Mac and shows them in the Audio Unit List. All you have to do is to preview audio samples with Audio Unit effects applied, tweak the plugin parameters and enjoy the sound.

working with audio units web.png

13. Built for Mac

In order to provide the best performance and responsiveness, Samplism takes full advantage of the latest macOS technologies including Core Audio, Core Animation, and Grand Central Dispatch, and is fully optimized for 64-bit and multicore processors.

Minimum System Requirements

  • macOS 10.13, or later (*Fully compatible with macOS Monterey).
    • Native support for Apple Silicon Macs.
  • Screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels or higher.
  • Requires 64-bit Audio Units plug-ins.

Release Notes

Samplism Release Notes
Samplism Lite Release Notes

Q&A, Bug Reports

Click here to contact our team


  1. The most important feature is the integration to DAWs via VST/AU plugin so that we can preview a sample in context to a running DAW project (have a look for an example in the Loopcloud project). Next would be changing BPM and changing pitch before using the sample in a DAW (Loopcloud as an example). Although Loopcloud is a useful tool for samples bought at loopmasters, it fails for samples that reside on the hard disk to me. Samplism is a a better alternative here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree entirely, but it’s worth it to know that Loopcloud has the facility to import your own samples as well? In fact, I am using it more and more and Samplism less and less while I wait for Samplism to “catch up” with other sample managers… It’s a great tool with a lot of potential and some great features, mainly the auto tagging, but it is still lacking basic functionality offered by free alternatives, at present….

      Liked by 1 person

  2. MIDI triggering / pitching super-soon PPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEE!!!!! (& have Samplism not deactivate selecting a sample with up / down keys after clicking on a waveform) x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi,
    thank you for your software! Samplism is great, I love it. What would make the software even greater is, having access to online librarys like freesound.org directly from the app. That would defiantly speed up the workflow, till it is really time consuming to download each of these sounds individually from the website. Is there a possibility to see this feature in the close future?
    Another Question: I did not find out how to select multiple libraries in the Library Tab. Does this work?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It would be awesome if you add Destructive Sample Editing like trim, normalize. Many people have alot stems from ol;der projects but like to get rid of the silence etc …Thst just one application. Drag and drop to physically move files is needed either. The current featues are also available with free unlimited software ….
    so PLEASE

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  5. Hello. I’m all in favour of these feature requests for “deeper functionality” and all, but can we please just have the basic “tempo” displayed???? It seems like a glaring omission for a sample library tool? Thanks!

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  6. I have been using this software for a few months now, and after I organized my sample libraries a bit, it has turned into an indispensable program for me in writing music. I have 200,000 + audio samples organized and searchable, and I can easily drag them right into the sampler in my DAW (Ableton Live). I have also been using the favorites folders to start gathering my best samples for easy access.

    If I could request one feature that would take this program over the top, it would be to display and allow search by key metadata on the files, so I can process all my samples in Mixed In Key and use Samplism to search for vocals in G minor etc.

    Thanks for this amazing app!

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      1. Even just showing the key metadata my files already have would be amazing. If I could sort/search by that that it would be so great!

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  7. Samplism

    Hi there
    quite a good app just getting into now with a new computer reorganising years of neglected audio stuff. overall a good feel, pretty intuitive and overall good resonance from various online ecosystems. Before i brain drop some feature ideas I would like to point out a couple of things that really surprise me in particular with regards to Help FAQs, Online Support Presentation. With regards to features, ideas etc. ill just raindrop them assuming over time more and more functionality is added to make this good product even better and cutting edge. So they are just supportive and constructive points.

    So for the negative parts and take it as constructive and with my best intentions.. It took me a while to decide to purchase the app/software with what I found a pretty heavy price tag to sort, tag, organise files with an audio player, list of plugins with relatively limited editing functionality at least I haven’t found it yet) which I found to be relatively unstable using some bigger audio engine plugins/tools etc. There are simply better and free audio editors (I quite like the audacity project) to which you anyway link to by default within the Samplism Preferences, as do most DAW Software in my case Ableton. But that is itself not a real issue as I don’t use Samplism to edit my samples. But I fear this might be a driver for the price tag possibly given the integration effort etc. Not sure and may as at the moment with my new computer Ive only got the apple units and some native inst. stuff on there and it doesn’t seem all to clean the sound when adopting these and so I stopped trying to work with it to then export edit save etc. My thoughts here are merely as follows, is it a sample library and organiser with integration into other software with limited tagging and organisation capabilities trying to also be a sample editor? in terms of organisation there isn’t much out there in terms of editing etc, there’s software out there purely focused on this or integrated within DAWs that will be hard to measure with unless it becomes a core objective to pursue, for the moment I do not see this within Samplism given limited use to that extent. So why not pursue other functionality which I would imagine answer to wishes, needs and actual use of Samplism by your customers.

    Secondly on the price tag, I would have expected a better support section both within the app and online. The help within the app is very basic, lacks FAQs, is mixed with apple answers when using help search in the menu bar which links to completely irrelevant topics and apple functionality (could be an apple thing anyway) On the site its the same. Video sections at the top with recorded clicking around of basic functionality that is anyway relatively intuitive and some loud music as such lacks tutorial or in my eyes real use. then all the way at the bottom below store links some screen shots and high level description of functionality.
    I would for the price really expect a bit more, such as differences functionality in file or library view. etc. what you can do and NOT do in each section etc.
    Most useful on the site are user comments and some of the responses. Must be painful to answer over and over again. A forum could help. as would FAQs rather than video links (too time consuming to some extent also

    My personal opinion, and I’ve no idea how well this sells assuringly pretty good as again overall intuitive clean GUI etc, you would sell even more for a lower price that would then not raise support expectations. Honestly there are some hardcore synthesises and apps our there at same or lower cost far more complex in functionality.

    Anyway I like the app and look forward to it growing especially on basis of functionality requested or missed by end-users .
    So some thoughts on functionality.
    – Is there a link to TAGs associated to the file with the computer ecosystem? Both directories and files tagged within my MACOS don’t really show up in the meta data section for example. O the sample information. Both are similar in the detail, duplicated for some information, and no possibility to edit. Not sure what the tag overview on the right does compared to navigation panes on the left.
    – There is no view of genre in the middle sample list section , I am missing tag description in the tag column haven’t figured out how to display it.
    – Confused about the right click of sample functionality in this section of sample list in the middle different for library and files. Also maybe merge library and files in the navigation pane as opposed to favourites and have an independent favourites section
    – And here most annoyingly why are there different tags in the library and file views – the and why by default do you auto tag_ the tags in files view keep showing up but have nothing to do with my clustering.
    – so now I have three different views on tags, apple, my file view and some additional unwanted tags in library view.
    – I cannot get rid of the genre default tags in the directory view within directory view I cannot edit them. The right click mouse functions in the library view is a long list could be organised better
    – When I move a file in directory view it seems to copy no option to move, I think meaning each time I’ve to locate the file and delete it manually
    – when I drag ie copy the file at which moment some really fast popup comes and goes so fast I’ve no idea what it says,
    – When I move the file from in files view after tagging it in the library view (alway needs to switch it is copied not moved but remains in the library view in a directory or folder in its original allocation unless manually updating / scanning I as I am sorting everything and organising from scratch my libraries link to my directories- so I cannot move samples between libraries, thought physically they are copied. Between folders and not visible in the as an addition automatically in the library view. e.g. a sample / audio file, newly tagged in library view inamed unsorted (corresponds to physical folder) moved to techno, then copied in data view manually deleted, and then removed pops a warning message in library not available sure I moved it and I need to rescan the other one.. etc. why not combine the functionality isn’t library the same as farouites as such, well I guess it databases the newly added info
    – Anyway this is where ei am confused but can work around it

    Other functionality
    Better more integrated physical file management
    Functionality in the right section sample information and metadata edit etc
    Alignment of functions between different views possibly merging the views.. more use of the middle section tab listing samples
    Link to meta tags great if editable but at least visibly to sort based on computer tags too

    Anyway as I said I will use it and hope it grows within its core focus rather than add stuff not in focus such as actual sample editing . Id feel better with a different price tag and more accessible information

    Cheers for reading 🙂 best D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, Daniel. We sincerely appreciate your great suggestions!
      The good news is that we are already working on some of the features you suggested.
      Please look forward to the future updates. You will not be disappointed!
      Thanks again!!!


  8. I don’t understand why when you’re in simplism mode the collapse folders dont retract. This has been an issue for a long time now. Will there ever be a fix for this???

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  9. Would kill for… or more to the point PAY for a version for Windows. There is a huge community of audio geeks, producers, DJs, sound designers, video producers, etc who could all use a program like this and the only options are ones far less developed.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hi,
    As you may know, Ableton browser allows to hear samples loops synchronised with the tempo project. Is this possible with Samplisim receive external midi notes from Ableton and synchronise the audition tempo? Could this be possible in future updated?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Will there be any support for Logic Pro X? Like a “add to daw” feature? Or something? We would also love to preview in tempo if possible.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Hi,

    Is there a way to create a more complex hierarchy in the folder list view. It seems it only allows me to create a max of two levels deep (folder group/folder). I just bought the full version so I’m a bit disappointed I can not create these complex type of folder structures. I really like that I can export these folders to a physical folder structure, but a max of 2 levels deep is too limiting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Grin.
      When designing Samplism, we didn’t want our users to organize folders with too complicated hierarchy. That’s why we limited folder depth.
      But we are well aware that some of our customers really want more flexible folder structure. We will consider better ways for organizing folders.
      Thanks for your lovely comment!


    1. Hi, Pat.

      1. MIDI support
      – Our team is really working hard to support MIDI-related features this year.

      2. Rescan subdirectories in the Files View
      – Understood your point. We will add an option to always rescan subdirectories when a directory changes in the Files View.

      3. Hiding the tag view
      – Because the key feature in Samplism is “tags”, we think that using Samplism without the tagging features would be definitely meaningless.

      4. Favorite samples in the Files View
      – Please notice that the sample list in the Files View is always temporary, that is, whenever you change a directory in the Files View, all samples that are currently visible are removed from the Samplism DB.
      So, if you want to favorite samples in the Files View, you need to first create a library with the current directory. Then, favorite samples that you want.

      Thanks for your suggestions! Please look forward to the future updates.


      1. Thanks for the info, looking forward to the MIDI update & also did I read somewhere that you were planning on adding the ability to have the library view go further than two ‘directories’ deep? The current setup of Library > Pack is great but it would be nice if you could have ‘sub-directories’ within the packs view, it would greatly help with organisation & the manual tagging process.

        Samplism is shaping up to be the best library organiser out there, good work!

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      2. I also thought it would be good if there was a preferences option to ‘only show tags used in current library in the tags window’ rather than displaying them all. 🙂

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  12. Also…. In the file browser when you select a directory it would be nice if you could see all the samples in it’s subdirectories in the sample list at once, for example I sometimes like to display my whole library in the sample list at once using the randomise feature (using file view not library, I’m not that interested in tags atm).

    I’ve noticed it does display them (rather than saying ‘no samples in folder’) after you’ve chosen ‘Rescan a directory “xxxxx” and all subdirectories but as soon as you move away from that folder it reverts back to the ‘no samples in directory’ message.


    Liked by 1 person

  13. Hi.

    Any news on when MIDI controller / playback support will be added? (Other than ‘2019’) It’s the only thing forcing me to use other ‘lesser’ sample library apps for now 🙂

    Also, when MIDI is implemented is it possible to have MIDI disabled when the app is in the background? (I’m using the ADSR library tool at the moment & their new standalone version plays back when playing MIDI in my DAW)

    Best, P.

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  14. Feature Request: Auto tag new imports with custom user tag.

    I use user tags heavily, and manually tag all samples.
    When importing new samples it can be difficult to then locate them (especially if importing more than one pack at once).
    I would like the option for Samplism to automatically tag each new import with a user tag of my choice – for example “new imports” or “z_to be sorted”.
    This would speed up workflow quite a bit and make Samplism feel even easier to work with.

    Many thanks for all your hard work on this excellent tool.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Sorry guys – now I’m confused.
    Apparently your tool isn’t able to read my Ableton Factory packs because they are aif files like on the Mac. Or why do all files in the library with 0 bytes appear as “invalid audio files”? Both in the demo and in the free version!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Theo.
      The reason for that is quite simple; all audio files in Ableton Live sets are encrypted, that is, those files can be played only in the Ableton Live.
      For example, open Finder and Quick Loop (i.e., press spacebar) any audio file in an Ableton Live set. Then, it will not be properly played.


      1. Thanks for the answer, but I knew that. Only why do you write in your features:

        Import third-party library * Ableton Live Factory Library

        if you can’t read the Live Factory Library at all. That’s very misleading – isn’t it?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi, Theo.
        Understood your question.
        In the case of Ableton Live, all factory library samples exist inside the Live app, for example, “/Applications/Ableton Live 10 Suite.app” for Live 10 suite.
        For this reason, if you manually create a library with a directory “/Applications/Ableton Live 10 Suite.app”, all factory library samples in Live will be added.


  16. I love the new update, thank you so much!
    Now it would also be great if you supported the sample service “Samplephonics Noiiz” which is what I use 🙂

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