A simple yet powerful batch converter for REX files.

With the Easy REX Converter, you can use a plenty of REX files in your music production without commercial DAWs that support REX format.


Video Demo

BGM: “Welcome to the Lovelyz8” by Lovelyz



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Key Features

1. REX Player

Play REX files with the highly visual and intuitive interface.

  • Waveform viewer with transient markers
  • Detailed REX file information

2. Batch Converter: REX to wave format

1) Convert REX files to wave format with various tempo options

  • REX file’s tempo
  • Fixed tempo BPM (20 – 450)
  • Fixed tempo ratio (0.25x, 0.5x, 2x, 4x)

2) Extract REX slices as files

3. Batch Converter: REX to Apple Loops format

Convert REX files to Apple Loops format so that you can use the converted Apple Loop files with Logic Pro 9 and X. With the Easy REX Converter, you don’t have to manually add the converted Apple Loop files to Apple Loops user library in Logic Pro.
Just browse the converted Apple Loop files with the Loop Browser in Logic Pro.
All converted Apple Loop files are already ready for you!

rex to apple loops….



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