Samplism v1.9.8. What’s New?

First of all, the Preferences window is newly designed.

In addition to the design, several new options are now supported.

  • Enable/disable automatic tagging
  • Default [Set Favorite] action in the Sample List view
  • Opt+drag to copy exported samples in the Sample List view
  • Apply audio units when exporting with the drag button in the Audio Player view

Also, overall code optimizations and UI improvements are also applied:)

Our Development Setup (2)

Favorite Apps

We use a lot of apps in developing our apps. Here are the list of apps we frequently use. We prefer macOS built-in apps to third-party apps:)

1. Xcode

2. Terminal (macOS built-in App)

3. Digital Color Meter (macOS built-in App)

4. Screenshot (macOS built-in App)

5. DB Browser for SQLite

We use sqlite3 to manage the Samplism database.

6. Ableton Live 10 Suite

We are a big fan of Ableton Live.

7. Logic Pro X

The best all-in-one DAW on the planet.

8. Sound Forge for Mac

Our favorite audio editing app for Mac.

9. Final Cut Pro

All our Youtube videos are created using Final Cut Pro.

10. QuickTime

We think that QuickTime is the best free app for screen recording.

11. Atom

In spite of some critical drawbacks, Atom is our most favorite text editor.

12. Visual Studio Code

Our another favorite text editor. We think that Visual Studio Code is far better than Atom for many reasons. But the only reason that we prefer Atom to Visual Studio Code is that we’re more used to Atom:(

13. Sketch

All icons in Samplism are created using Sketch.

14. Pixelmator Pro

All images about our apps are created using Pixelmator Pro. We prefer Pixelmator Pro rather than Photoshop.

Our Development Setup (1)


1. MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)

2. iMac 5K (27-inch, 2015)

3. Mac Pro (2013)

4. Mac Mini (2018)


Keyboards are one of the most important things for development. Especially, we do love mechanical keyboards.

1. Leopold FC750R PD (Cherry Blue switch)

2. Leopold FC900R Swedish (Cherry Blue switch)

3. Realforce R2 Tenkeyless

4. Apple Magic Keyboard


We have used a lot of mice from various companies in the past. To us, Logitech gaming mouse is the best for development on Mac.

1. Logitech G903

2. Logitech G703

3. Logitech G304

4. Logitech POWERPLAY


We have introduced a blog page to our official website.

Through this blog page, we will periodically and frequently update information about new product releases, development stories and so on:)